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  • 7’T x 4’7”W x 4’7”L internal diameter Spray Enclosure
  • 2 HP/18” fan exhaust unit
  • Spray-to-waste design with 3 stage filter system
  • True HEPA final filtration with HEPA filters mounted in galvanized steel frames
  • 1 ceiling mounted 4-tube light fixture
  • NEMA enclosed Control Panel
  • 18 gauge or thicker galvanized steel construction

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Reliant Finishing has offered my company superior performance and reliability that we require…I do not skimp on quality at my company and neither does Reliant so this was a very easy choice for me.Jim Dziewior, Powder Coating Specialists
No news is good news. We haven’t had to call about a thing. We turn the equipment on, set it and run it.Robert Webb, AAdvantage

Gas-Fueled Ovens


powder coating ovens

Our powder coating ovens use an energy-efficient design that quickly provides uniform temperatures throughout the oven for even curing. Fully modular design is available in multiple configurations, including rear or side mounted heat unit, top mounted heat unit, tunnel style with double doors or ware openings, and much more.

Powder Coating Guns


powder coating equipment - guns

Need powder coating guns or a complete application system? We offer box and hopper fed manual (handheld) guns, as well as automated gun systems at unbeatable prices. We only offer professional quality brand-name guns. Don’t settle for cheap Asian knock-offs or unreliable hobby guns!

Powder Spray Booths


powder coating equipment - booths

Our powder spray booths are designed specifically for powder coating, not adapted from wet paint booth designs. They provide maximum airflow and great lighting, and can be configured for powder reclaim or spray-to-waste applications. Our booths keep your work space clean and help you get the best possible finish.