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Allied Finishing Solutions Partners With Reliant Finishing Systems

Reliant Finishing System

Allied Finishing Solutions announced Monday that the company has completed arrangements to act as a full-service distributor of Reliant Finishing Systems’ products. Veteran powder coating systems specialist Franklin Slaton recently founded Allied Finishing Solutions, Inc. The company is based in Decatur, Alabama and provides clients from across North America with one-stop shopping for powder curing ovens, powder spray booths, media blasting enclosures, and related finishing equipment.

Slaton was an equipment specialist for Reliant Finishing Systems for three years before launching Allied Finishing Solutions. During that time he was involved in the sales of over one hundred powder coating systems of varying sizes. He is an Alabama native and graduate of Birmingham-Southern College who grew up in a manufacturing environment. Slaton’s father, Luke Slaton, also a former Reliant systems specialist, will serve Allied Finishing Solutions as Manager of Customer Service. Prior to joining Reliant in 2011, the elder Slaton was active in the Alabama business community and spent thirty-six years operating two successful businesses.

“I love helping clients determine what kind of equipment will best meet their needs,” Franklin Slaton commented. “I’m fortunate to have worked with a wide range of companies and government organizations, from mom-and-pop shops to large, sophisticated manufacturing operations. The need for quality powder coated finishes is a common denominator with all of our clients, but the cookie-cutter approach used by many of our competitors just doesn’t work. Attention to the small details enables us to offer the ideal coating solution for each customer, instead of a hodge-podge of equipment. As an independent distributor, Allied Finishing Solutions will provide a budget-minded but highly personalized sales experience. We’ll match each client with the equipment that works best for them, and we’ll support them after the sale,” he said.

Michael Schuerer, President of Reliant Finishing Systems, is pleased by Allied’s instant success. “Franklin was a top performer for Reliant. He was a self-starter who sold millions of dollars’ worth of equipment. His clients were consistently complimentary about his sales methods and the level of support he provided. Becoming an independent distributor is the natural progression for someone who has enjoyed his level of success. Luke Slaton was also an asset to our company, and his experience as a business owner really helped him connect with clients that were getting into powder coating as a new enterprise. I think his fairness and commitment to service will help Allied Finishing Solutions’ rapid growth,” he said.

Luke Slaton added, “We’re excited about our relationship with Reliant Finishing Systems. Reliant has some of the most fuel efficient powder curing ovens in the industry. They have an innovative airflow design that assures consistent air temperatures throughout their ovens. Reliant’s spray enclosures are designed specifically for powder spraying and aren’t just wet paint booths that have been modified. These products will truly give Allied an edge for years to come.”

Allied will feature products from Reliant Finishing Systems (, a leading U.S. manufacturer of powder coating equipment. In addition to providing booths and ovens for powder coating and curing applications, Allied will offer powder spray guns, chemical pretreatment units and media blasting equipment, enabling them to provide customers with complete powder coating solutions. Through their partnership with Reliant, Allied will also offer composite curing ovens, stainless steel wash enclosures, and turn-key automated finishing systems.

Reliant Finishing Systems Hires Robert Osborne As Executive Director of Engineered Systems

Reliant Finishing System

Reliant Finishing Systems announced today they have hired Mr. Robert Osborne as Executive Director for Engineered Systems. Mr. Osborne was previously employed by Honeywell Aerospace as a Director of Business Development. Mr. Osborne will manage Reliant’s rapidly growing Engineered Systems Division and serve as the primary point of contact for both distributors and clients seeking specialized finishing solutions.

Although new to the finishing industry, Mr. Osborne has over twenty-three years of sales and management experience dealing with large-scale projects in the military and aerospace industries. In 2001, he received the “President’s Club” award from Honeywell Aerospace for his outstanding sales and support achievements. Along with other accomplishments, he was also recognized as one of the company’s top performers a total of seven times during his employment with Honeywell.

Reliant Finishing Systems’ President, Mr. Michael Schuerer, commented, “Mr. Osborne is a newcomer to our industry, but has dealt with projects of incredible size and complexity. I think he will mesh well with all of our clients and will quickly instill confidence in first-time buyers. During his career he has sold and supported projects totaling literally billions of dollars. He is comfortable with a team approach and has already established strong relationships with our leading distributors. Mr. Osborne has given Reliant an invaluable new perspective on engineered systems.” Mr. Schuerer added, “Mr. Osborne will work directly with our new Executive Director for Technical Services, Mr. J.R. Stewart, and our engineering staff to design custom finishing equipment and automated systems.”

“It became apparent that we needed someone who could assist clients with the selection of automated and custom-engineered finishing systems. There are unique decision making processes associated with these larger systems and the client often needs experienced guidance and technical advice. Mr. Osborne will work with both distributors and end-clients to assure that Reliant always provides effective coating systems,” said Mr. John Thomason, Reliant’s Executive Vice President.

Well-known powder industry expert, Mr. Joey Golliver of Inside Powder Coating, commented, “Reliant seems to be making big strides in the engineered systems market. Mr. Osborne has worked with projects that are much more complex than a typical finishing system, so he is comfortable with both the technology and the money that is involved. I think his friendly, matter-of-fact approach will be a winner for Reliant. He will certainly give them an advantage when they’re selling to government buyers.”

Mr. Osborne commented on the challenges of his new position, “I first encountered Reliant in 2005 when they entered the batch coating marketing. They’ve been growing so fast that they haven’t always had time to ease their way into new market segments. With a few large systems under their belt, they found that the primary challenges were related to customer support, which is my primary area of expertise. I have always prided myself on giving my customers the utmost level of individual care, and I look forward to working with Reliant and our current and future clients.”

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