Our powder coating spray booths are built in the USA specifically for powder coating use. With over 150 standard models our spray walls and batch booths are great for any size, including shops working with auto, truck and motorcycle related coating jobs. We also offer larger booths for aviation and heavy equipment coating systems. Options include VFD controls, solid or filtered doors, and true HEPA filtration. Custom sizes, conveyors, and fire suppression integration also available.

Multiple Powder Spray Booth Configurations

No matter what your finishing application requires, our powder spray booths can be sized and configured for your specifications. Our standard models come with rear-mounted filtration to keep your cabin clear of particulate and is perfect for batch coating operations. If your line requires continuous process throughput, we also provide crossflow and double-crossflow-style spray booths. These ‘tunnel-style’ powder booths can be used in a batch setup or can be equipped with an automatic powder gun array and conveyor in one of our automated finishing systems. Contact one of our systems experts today to discuss which option is the best solution for your application.

Powder Spray Booth Options

Standard and custom sizes range from small walk-in units to large heavy equipment ovens and conveyorized curing systems. Standard batch sizes ranging from 6’H x 6’W interior working dimensions to 12’H x 12’W interior working dimensions available, standard lengths up to 50′. Options include custom frontal/doors, conveyor or cart system integration, client specified layouts, and custom controls. Custom burner configurations available. All our powder coating ovens feature premium 6″ thick insulated wall and roof panels and are available in pre-heat, drying, curing, or multi-function designs.

Looking To Buy Powder Coating Equipment?

If you’re looking to buy power coating equipment, Reliant can provide a solution to fit any size need or budget. Whether you need a batch or automated powder coating lines, Reliant sells powder coating ovens for NG, LP or electric configurations; powder spray booths and spray wall plenums; and we are an integrator for professional quality Wagner and Gema powder spray guns. We also sell related equipment such as blast rooms, pretreatment stations and wash units. For customers looking for a complete turnkey experience, we can also provide consultation, site surveys, on-site installation and equipment start-up and training. We have a long list of satisfied customers with systems of all shapes and sizes, and with hundreds of coating operations using Reliant equipment, we can almost always provide potential references within a 1-day travel radius.

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Powder Spray Booth Features

  • Common walk-in sizes–heights to 12′, widths to 14′, lengths to 40′ with standard models
  • Large sizes–heights to 24′, widths to 48′, lengths to over 100′ with standard models
  • Manufactured in USA using CNC equipment
  • Features premium G90 galvanized US steel construction
  • Nut-and-bolt assembly, 5″ center-to-center (best in the industry)
  • Semi-vertical airflow standard on most models
  • White finish, filtered doors, solid doors, VFD controls available
  • Powder-specific design, true HEPA filtration available
  • Conveyor, automated spraying, fire suppression integration available

Reliant Powder Spray Booths Technical Specifications

Powder Spray Booth Construction

The booth walls and roof are made of 18 gauge or thicker steel that has been G90 galvanized. The booth utilizes a single panel design. The walls and roof are connected via a track system. The booth is bolted together and the exhaust system is integrated into one or more of the booth’s walls. Threaded inserts in key parts help simplify assembly. No field welding is required.

Powder Spray Booth Lighting

The spray enclosure includes roof-mounted light fixtures designed to accommodate four standard 48” T-8 bulbs. These fixtures are mounted on special panels that include factory-provided reinforcement. The light fixtures are mounted in the field over sheets of ¼” tempered safety glass that are sealed in place. The light fixtures are accessible only from the booth’s exterior.

Powder Spray Booth Exhaust Unit

The exhaust unit is included in the exterior dimensions for the booth. The booth uses either one or two floor mounted exhaust units. The exhaust unit is constructed of primarily 16 gauge and 18 gauge G90 galvanized steel. The exhaust system utilizes a belt-driven tubeaxial fan and includes a twostage or three-stage filter system to draw air through the booth enclosure which will either exhaust the air to the outside or return it to the shop atmosphere. The exhaust unit uses an ASHRAE/NESHAP type system consisting of a primary blanket filter, a set of polyester cube filters and a set of HEPA type final filters. The exhaust unit is designed to draw air from the lower 1/3 of the wall of the booth, resulting in semi-downdraft airflow. The booth ships with tackified 1” blanket type pre-filter media, 24”x 24” x 12” duo-ply polyester cube filters, and optional 24”x 30” x 6” true MERV 17 HEPA filters with integrated galvanized metal housings.

Powder Spray Booth Controls

The booth is operated via a simple control panel in a NEMA enclosure. The control panel allows the operator to stop and start the exhaust fan and turn the lights on and off. The control panel includes over-current protection. Upgraded models include adjustable airflow via a face-mounted VFD control knob.

Outsourced Components

Exhaust duct is not required when HEPA filters are used. Light bulbs, parts for electrical service connection to the control panel, and field wiring components are provided by other companies and are not considered part of the deliverable.

Delivery & Installation

Reliant equipment delivers unassembled. Reliant has hundreds of systems in operation around the world successfully installed by our clients, but we know that some of our clients need to be up and running as quickly as possible.

Our factory-authorized installation crews can have your equipment up and running much faster – typically 3-6 weeks faster than an untrained crew. If your project is time sensitive or you need to be up and operational with minimal hassle, we urge you to consider using a Reliant crew when you purchase your powder coating equipment.