Delivering Professional Powder Coating Equipment Solutions For Any Sized Requirement

Powder Coating Equipment - Sized To Meet Your NeedsReliant Finishing Systems specializes in manufacturing high-performance powder coating equipment – powder coating booths, curing ovens and related equipment. With years of experience, dedicated engineers on staff and redundant U.S. production lines, Reliant can provide you with the perfect powder coating system for your business.

Our Coating Systems Specialists Can Help Design Your Perfect System

If you need advice about which coating system is right for you, Reliant can help. Whether you’re looking for an affordable batch system from our extensive catalog or a turn-key automated finishing line, Reliant will help you make the right decision so you can get the best equipment at the best possible price. Before making a decision about equipment, please contact our powder coating equipment specialists at 888-770-0021. Our experienced team of specialists will be happy to help you determine which powder coating system will best fit your finishing needs.

Quick Quotes and Accurate Lead Times

At Reliant, we won’t waste your time. You’ll receive a quote quickly once requested – usually the same business day – and once you place your order, you can rest assured you’re equipment is our top priority. Reliant’s lead times are the most accurate in the industry. When you place your order, you know you’ll be getting your equipment on time and within budget. No matter what your job requires, Reliant Finishing Systems can and will deliver the powder coating equipment you need when you need it.

Factory Installation Will Have You Operational Quickly

Need to be running quickly? Reliant Finishing Systems has a number of qualified, factory-authorized installation crews that can have your new equipment ready and operational in a fraction of the time with an untrained crew. If your project has a looming deadline or if you need your new powder coating line to be operational as soon as possible, we strongly recommend contracting Reliant-direct installation.

Powder Coating Equipment: Automated Lines

A Complete Powder Coating Equipment Solution

No matter what object you need to coat, Reliant provides all the necessary equipment you will need:  a powder coating oven to cure the powder, a separate powder spray booth in which to spray the powder, and a powder spray gun to apply the powder. Depending on your application, we also generally recommend some sort of pretreatment or steam cleaning device to make sure your parts are clean before applying powder.

All of our spray booths, curing ovens, dip tanks and blasting stations are manufactured using state-of-the-art CNC production lines US using prime domestic steel. We partner with the top manufacturers of powder coating spray guns to provide a one-stop system solution for professional quality results. We use premium outsourced components that provide the best performance and longevity for your equipment. Reliant won’t compromise on design integrity or component quality just to make a cheaper product or offer equipment that mimics other brands. You deserve equipment that works – that’s all we build.

Check Our References

Want to see one of our systems in operation? Reliant Finishing Systems has thousands of powder coating equipment systems across the United States and around the globe. With hundreds of businesses using Reliant equipment, we can almost always provide multiple references within a 1-day travel radius. Feel free to contact us at 888-770-0021 for references in your area.

Powder Coating Ovens

Industrial Powder Coating Ovens From Reliant Finishing Systems

Our powder coating ovens use an energy-efficient design that provides an even temperature throughout for optimum curing. Available in multiple configurations including standard (rear or side mounted heat unit), top mounted heat unit, tunnel style with double doors, and much more.

Powder Spray Booths

Powder SPray Booths in Standard, Crossflow and Double Crossflow Designs

Our powder spray booths are designed specifically for powder coating for maximum airflow and visibility. Keep your workspace clean for the best possible finish. Comes standard with three-stage True HEPA filtration.

Automated Finishing Systems

Complete Automated Powder Coating Lines from Reliant FInishing Systems

Our automated powder coating lines are built to your specifications – multi-stage, dry-off, powered conveyor options all available.

Custom Coating Equipment

Custom Industrial Coating Equipment from Reliant Finishing Systems

Need custom coating equipment? Reliant can provide a range of equipment to meet your needs, from industrial coatings to composite curing ovens.

Electric Powder Coating Oven

Electric Powder Coating Ovens from Reliant Finishing Systems

Our electric powder coating ovens are perfect for small parts and make efficient use of floorspace. Great for first time powder coating operations, product prototyping and schools.

Powder Spray Walls

Powder Spray Walls from Reliant Finishing Systems

Need to powder coat but are short on floor space? Our powder spray wall plenums use a compact design combined with 3-stage True HEPA filtration to give you the airflow you need with a smaller footprint.