Reliant Has Been Raising the Industry Standards for 20+ Years

Reliant Finishing Systems is America’s fastest growing powder coating equipment manufacturer, offering high-performance professional equipment without the premium price tag. Reliant coating systems deliver incredible performance at prices that compete with many entry-level products.

We believe that customers deserve less hype and more information when they are ready to buy industrial powder coating equipment. Reliant has a simple 5-step approach to building and selling equipment:

  • Never compromise when it comes to integrity, ever.
  • Build only products that work well, regardless of their price.
  • Build only products that are durable and easy to maintain.
  • Sell every customer only what he or she truly needs to get the job done right, and provide support whenever it is required.
  • Price every product and service fairly.

Reliant maintains friendly, cooperative relationships with equipment resellers, installation contractors and powder coating suppliers, including those who don’t sell our products. We don’t bad-mouth our competition and we never mislead our distributors or customers. Whether you are a new business owner starting your first shop, or a major distributor or OEM buying a dozen units at a time, we promise to do everything we can to assist you.

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Company History

Reliant Specialty Equipment Corporation is a privately held U.S. company that manufactures all of its products in the United States. Reliant’s Finishing Systems division focuses on high-performance substrate preparation, curing and powder coating equipment.

Reliant Finishing Systems was initially headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, with manufacturing facilities in Tuscaloosa,Alabama. Reliant Finishing Systems’ rapid growth resulted in relocation of their headquarters in 2006 and expansion to an additional facility in early 2008. Through a cooperative manufacturing arrangement, Reliant added an additional 40,000 square foot manufacturing facility in 2011. Primary sales, manufacturing, and warehousing operations are now carried out at facilities in Decatur, Somerville, and Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

The groundwork for Reliant Finishing Systems’ success was laid in the 1990s. After working with major paint booth manufacturers from Italy, the founders of Reliant began developing new paint booths that combined the most desirable features from existing equipment with new features like damperless airflow control and forced-induction heating. These booths debuted in the United States in 1995, featuring rugged construction and unmatched performance. The most popular models were designed as fully engineered freestanding structures that could be installed outside with no covering, but the elaborate design of these products meant that they were affordable to only a limited number of clients each year.By 2001, the founders of Reliant introduced modular designs to make their products more affordable to the average client. They also applied new technology to ovens used in the powder coating industry. By mid-2005 they had prototype powder ovens installed across the U.S. These ovens outperformed many other brands by as much as 400%, which generated a huge demand from both independent shop owners and large fabricators.Reliant Specialty Equipment Corporation was formed as a separate company in response to this demand. Reliant’s Finishing Systems division continues a tradition of equipment innovation and value.

Delivering The Best Powder Coating Equipment

Reliant equipment is proudly designed and built in the United States and is available through regional, national and international distributors, including web sales outlets, under a variety of brand names. Reliant works directly with OEM/PBL clients to provide “private label” powder coating equipment
manufactured to their specifications, so most of the equipment we build has another company’s name on it.

Thousands of Reliant powder coating ovens and spray booths have been sold by industry-leading equipment suppliers across the United States and abroad. Reliant provides prep, powder coating systems and curing systems for custom cycle builders, racing equipment fabricators, truck repair centers and automotive body shops. Reliant also manufactures industrial powder coating systems for industrial curing, painting and coating applications, military/aviation/aerospace finishing, and scientific use.

Reliant won’t compromise on design integrity or component quality just to make a cheaper product or offer equipment that mimics other brands. Reliant uses only state-of-the-art CNC fabrication equipment to assure that every powder coating system is perfectly built. There’s no guesswork about where our equipment is made–all Reliant products are built in the U.S.A. using only prime domestic steel and premium quality components. Because Reliant has fully redundant production lines, the lead times we quote are always accurate.