Reliant Finishing Systems is the Fastest Growing Manufacturer of Powder Coating and Finishing Equipment.

Whether you are looking to open your first shop, ready to expand your business or are bringing your powder coating needs in-house, you owe it to yourself to give us a call. We have thousands of systems in operation worldwide and we would be proud to serve you. With over 200 standard oven and booth models and extensive custom engineering capabilities, we are confident Reliant can meet your system requirements at an unbeatable price.

Delivering Professional Powder Coating Equipment

Reliant Finishing Systems specializes in manufacturing high-performance powder coating equipment, including spray booths, powder coating and curing ovens and related equipment. With years of experience, dedicated engineers on staff and redundant U.S. production lines, Reliant can provide you with the right powder coating equipment you need for your business.

If you need advice about which coating system is right for you, Reliant can help. We pride ourselves on making sure our customers get the equipment they need for their business success. Whether you’re looking for a smaller batch system from our extensive catalog of products or a custom-built automated line, Reliant will help you get the best equipment at the best possible price.

Learn About Our Powder Coating Equipment

Powder Coating Equipment from Reliant Finishing Systems

Reliant Finishing has offered my company superior performance and the reliability that we require…I do not skimp on quality at my company and neither does Reliant, so this was a very easy choice for me.
Jim Dziewior, Powder Coating Specialists

Committed to Your Satisfaction & Safety

Reliant is committed to providing the best customer support possible. Whether that is through educating our potential clients prior to the sale, helping to design the best fit for your needs, or helping resolve any problems or technical issues down the road – Reliant is dedicated to our clients long-term.

We want you to be operational and making the best quality products with our equipment. Reliant partners with a number of different OEM partners and distribution outlets across the United State, but  no matter what outlet it is sold under, all of our powder coating equipment receives dedicated factory support for as long as you own the equipment.